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Therapeutic Art 

The Therapeutic Power of Art

Research shows that artistic and creative outlets contribute positively to peoples’ well-being. It reduces stress and creates a sense of calm and happiness. Furthermore, art enhances brain function and can change a person’s outlook and the way they experience the world. It also increases the ability to know oneself better, cultivate deeper relationships, and enhance self-exploration and communication.

Therapeutic art coaches work with individuals who are motivated to achieve emotional wellbeing and who want to use art to deal with their anxious thoughts, depressive symptoms, ADHD, chronic pain, and lack of self-confidence. Therapeutic art coaching helps individuals leading highly stressful lives (and jobs) manage stress and achieve better work-life balance.

What happens in an individual or group session?

An individual session can involve painting, drawing, sculpting, journal writing, poetry, music, sound, and meditation. A safe space will allow for the client to use expressive art as a form of fostering emotional healing, resolving inner conflict, and awakening individual creativity. While some sessions are guided by a goal (or goals) in mind, other sessions are fluid and inspired by what the client is expressing and experiencing. Group sessions involve up to 8 participants. This format is highly therapeutic, as there is often a powerful collective experience.

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Individual Therapeutic Art Sessions

60 min session | $65

Package of 4 sessions | $225

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