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Welcome to Soulful Heart Balance

I'm Kristina, Holistic Practitioner & Coach and Founder of Soulful Heart Balance. 

I am passionate about helping women cultivate a life of alignment between mind, body, soul & heart. I know firsthand about living a life of imbalance and the difference that living authentically balanced makes.


My goal is to encourage, inspire and support as many women as I can so they can live in creative & authentic Soulful Heart balance.


My mission: To help as many women as possible live in creative & authentic Soulful Heart Balance.


1:1 Coaching

Mind-Body-Soul-Heart Balance

Aromatherapy & Herbalism

Therapeutic Art Sessions

Workshops & Retreats

The journey towards mind-body-soul-heart balance begins with self-love. Book a consultation today.

“I had an amazing experience with Soulful Heart Balance. The creative journaling and therapeutic art helped me express the negative thoughts and feelings that were holding me back. Highly recommended!”

- Sarah J 

“The private retreat was exactly what I needed. The journalling and meditation helped me focus and work through some long term emotions. I felt supported in the one on one sessions and nourished by the delicious food. I achieved a sense of calm and inner peace that I had been longing for. " 

- Emily W 

“I have been working with Kristina for a few months now, and I can already see a significant improvement in my mental and physical health. She has provided simple strategies and practices to incorporate essential oils in my daily routine and foods to support my needs without spending hours in the kitchen. Thank you, Kristina!"

- Rachel L

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